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Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity





The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity is ready to help you with your grant applications, post award project management, and IRB and IACUC research projects. Adjustments to our office operations have been made to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Below is information on changes that we are making as well as our plan to help you manage modifications to your projects.

Guidance and clarifications:

  • The financial restrictions sent out to Budget Managers apply to UCM funds only. No restrictions for your grant funded hires or procurement purchases are in place.
  • UCM implemented travel restrictions still apply. For trainings, workshops, and other events please consider using webinar or streaming software before cancelling these events completely.

Adjustments to office operations to adhere to social distancing guidelines:

  • All meetings will be done via teleconferencing or videoconferencing.
  • Please email with your Payment Requests, Transfer Forms, Budget Amendments and IDTs as PDFs with electronic signatures or scans of signed hard copies. We will electronically sign and route to the appropriate offices.

If you have an active research protocol, additional guidance can be found on the IRB and IACUC pages.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at for grant questions, for your IRB or IACUC questions, or call us at (660) 543-4264.


UCM COVID Grant Funds

The University of Central Missouri has received and is actively applying for COVID grant funding to support strategic initiatives to address COVID-19 on our campus. It must be demonstrated that expenditures are directly the result of or are in reaction to COVID-19. Please select the expenditure category which best fits the activities/initiatives for which you are requesting funding. You may submit more than one application. 

CLOSED: UCM New Requests for Use of CARES Grant Funds Form


Applications are no longer being accepted for approval of new COVID specific purchases.  Should additional grant funds become available, the form will be reopened.


UCM COVID-19 Expense Transfer Form

This form should be used to transfer existing FY21 COVID-19 expenses from a department budget to a COVID grant. Approval is contingent on the allowability of the expenditure and the availability of funds.


Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity (OSPRI) assists university personnel and students in finding funding opportunities, developing ideas into fundable projects, compiling application materials, managing externally funded projects, and ensuring compliance with external funding regulations and research integrity at the University of Central Missouri.  The primary functions of the office support:

  • Adherence with institutional, state, and federal regulations regarding oversight of sponsored projects and research;
  • Diversification of institutional funding to better serve students;
  • Facilitation of regional, national, and international collaborations through external funding, and
  • Navigation through the research process to ensure compliance in and protection of all human and animal subjects.

Vision Statement

The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity strives to embed a culture of research ethics throughout UCM, and serve as a resource center for best practices in research.  Additionally, OSPRI endeavors to:

  • Expand and diversify institutional collaborations and partnerships at the national and international level through external funding;
  • Increase research focused funding to better prepare students for graduate programs and a competitive workforce, and
  • Serve as a leading institution in innovative collaborations in higher education which improve the student experience.





The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity's (OSPRI) serves the campus in two main ways, by securing and maintaining compliance of external funding in the form of sponsored programs (grants and contracts) and in ensuring compliance with federal regulations for both funded and unfunded research. OSPRI assists faculty, staff, and students with:
  • Finding, applying for, and managing externally funded research and projects;
  • Navigating the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process for Human Subjects research;
  • Navigating the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) process for Animal Subjects research;
  • Maintaining institutional compliance with federal and state regulations relating to external funding and research; and,
  • Providing research and financial compliance training.


OSPRI provides several tools and resources to the campus, including funding opportunity search system (SPIN Plus), research, financial management, and compliance training through CITI, and post award management tools.  Information about all of these are in the Forms & Resources section.

By the Numbers

Below is data for OSPRI from Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017).
  • 51 new awards worth $5,364,104
  • 75 applications submitted for funding by 32 principal investigators, valued at $18.3 million
  • $5.1 million in grant funded expenditures
  • $207,924 in student support funding through stipends, graduate assistantships, and student wages
  • 157 UCM personnel were fully or partly funded through sponsored projects
  • 315 protocols were submitted to the IRB  (190 student researchers and 90 faculty/staff investigators)
  • 20 IACUC protocols were submitted (9 by students and 1 by a faculty member)

Contact Us

Main Office Contact:


Sponsored Programs                                          Research Integrity
Administration Building, Suite 102                  Administration Building, Suite 102
660-543-4264                                                      660-543-8562                                           


Staff Contact:

Sarah Craig                                                          Kathy Schnakenberg
Director                                                                  Program Administrator/Research Compliance Officer
Administration Building, 102E                         Administration Building, 102C
660-543-8099                                                     660-543-8562                                        

Dan Britton                                                            Cheryl Plummer
System Coordinator                                            Office Professional III
Administration Building, 102D                         Administration Building, 102
660-543-8845                                                     660-543-4264                                   


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