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Faculty Resources for Online Course Delivery


If you are new to teaching online, or have never logged onto or used Blackboard, you can find immediate just-in-time basic Blackboard support on your own Blackboard page. If you have never visited Blackboard, this will give you a little familiarity with the layout so you won’t be starting totally unprepared. The video posted below will show you how to log into Blackboard and navigate to the My Communities section called “UCM Faculty Training” that holds this information:



If you prefer to use a document, please download the UCM Faculty Blackboard Community Instructions PDF


Online Support

Basic Beginner Support

The Blackboard Quick Start Guide (pdf) introduces you to the Blackboard format and gets you started navigating around in it.

The Blackboard Basics Guide provides more indepth use of functions and general use. 

As the video demonstrates, once you are in the Communities area, please click on “UCM Faculty Training.”  This will open up the Community, and you will see content on a number of very basic tasks, including:

  • Basic Blackboard Info
    • Blackboard at UCM
    • Course Content
    • Grade Center
    • In-house video tutorials
    • Blackboard created tutorials on
  • Lecture Capture information, including Panopto and Medial

Support for Experienced Users

If you are an experienced online teacher, and would just like a refresher, you can find those by searching for Quality Assurance (QA)-Lite or Effective Online Teaching under the My Communities tab. These are the same self-paced courses we have been offering for Instructor online teaching certification, and you can self-enroll in either one.

Face-to-Face/In-Person Support

One-on-One Support

If you find yourself in immediate need, you can reach us via email, phone, or Google Hangouts messaging. Our contact information is below:

CTL Support

  • CTL - 543-8528 -, Chat is available most times through Google Hangouts.

NOTE: Office hours are normal business hours (8:00am - 5:00pm). If you contact us outside of those hours and no one answers, please leave a message. We will get back with you as soon as possible (it may show up as “private” when we call back, so be aware of that, please).

  • Located in JCKL, Ste. 1450
  • Located inJCKL Ste 1440
    • Terry McNeeley, Instructional Designer (multimedia, course development) - 543-4749,
    • Chad Marnholtz, LMS and Applications Manager - 543-8065,
    • Mike De Laurier, Distance Ed, ALEC room (Zoom) - 660-238-0162, (usually in JCKL 1435 or HUM 4040 if not in a DL room)


Note About Student Support

CTL can offer basic student support via phone and our CTL email and Hangouts. TSC is still the best option for this; however, if needed we will answer student requests as we are able. Please note - CTL does not have access to reset passwords. This must be done by contacting the TSC at or 660-543-4357.


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