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Customized Corporate Curriculum

UCMs workforce development team collaborates with corporate partners to assist in employee talent development through customized training and pre-packaged workshops.

Learning and Performance Consultant Methodology

The Process

University of Central Missouri through Extended Studies’ Professional Education can design and deliver custom learning solutions for teams, departments, and organizations, enabling them to meet their existing and emerging needs. Leveraging the full resources of the University, our training and education programs offer an effective means to develop new capabilities, improve performance, and gain efficiencies.

UCM’s approach to designing customized curriculum puts the desired training outcomes of our client organizations at the forefront. To establish outcomes and provide a matrix to ensure training needs are met, UCM facilitates a kick off meeting to create a pre-survey needs assessment to identify skills gaps and build a roadmap for training success using the New World Kirkpatrick Model.  Course formats are flexible. Programs can be offered at the Missouri Innovation Campus, on-site at your organization, or online. For additional information or to set-up a meeting, contact Clarinda Dir at or call 816-347-1612




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