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Applying for ADP Grants

Please note - Applications supporting new activities and programs will be preferred. 
Grant recipients will be required to submit annual progress report each May until the project is completed and a summary of project results at the project’s completion. 


Instructions -

To apply, electronically submit the cover sheet, narrative, and budget by Friday, Nov. 1 to Dr. Shari Bax at

Applications will be reviewed by the ADP Steering Committee.  All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by Wednesday, Nov. 20.

The cover sheet should clearly identify the following -

  • Date Proposal was submitted
  • Name of Principal Applicant
  • Address, phone number, email for Principle Applicant
  • Title of Principal Applicant (position if an employee is principle applicant, office in student organization if principle applicant is a student)
  • Name of student organization or university office
  • Faculty advisor if appropriate
  • Title of project
  • Purpose of Project (limit to 25 words)
  • Total amount requested
  • Period of time in which funds will be spent
  • Project’s total budget
Narrative -
  • Limit to three (3) pages
  • Describe your project, including the needs and issues to be addressed; major activities; and target audience
  • State the goals of your project
  • Describe your project’s timeframe, including its order of events
  • Explain how your target audience will benefit from the project
  • Explain how the project can achieve sustained growth (i.e., how would it continue to make a lasting impact after initial funding ends)
  • Explain how you will evaluate the success of the project
  • Explain how the project promotes the goals and purposes of the American Democracy Project
Budget -

Please prepare a budget for your grant proposal showing planned expenses and sources of financial support in as much detail as possible.

Here is an excellent example of what a grant application should contain.


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